Hi Everyone, 

Thank you for stopping by!  We have some new items to show you, Seymour wants to say 'hello', and we would like to say how much you are all appreicated.

Baby Winter Hats

It's a new year and we are starting off with some new baby hats.  These fit babys from Newborn to 3 months.  They are made to be soft and beautiful but also warm and comfortable.  These are all unisex and would make a great gift.

winter hats, baby hats,

winter baby hats, baby accessories

winter baby hats, baby accessories

The last photo looks like  The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins by Dr. Seuss. 

Catnip Mouse Toys

We ended last year with Catnip Mouse Toys.  We will be continuing with these for they are very cute and so fun to make.  I have been told how much the cats love these.  We use Cat Crack which is an organic catnip from  Canada. It is a Premium Blend Safe for Cats. We have no association with this brand of catnip -- it is just what we chose to use after reviewing different brands of catnip. We provide this information to let you know exactly the catnip we use in our products.  These come in a wide variety of colors and sizes and have been very popular.  If you have a kitty don't let him be without one. 

Catnip Mouse Toy, Cat Toy

Catnip Mouse Toy, Cat Toy


We will be continuing with our line of handbags and with that said I'd like to take this oppertunity to introduce you to our new line of handbag accessories.  Our partner Lawrence Carter Jr. master leather artist has added some new bag charms and zipper pulls.  These are great because being made of leather they cannot scratch your bags like metal or beads can.  He is also adding some handbag replacement straps. 

handbag charm and zipper pulls

handbag charm and zipper pulls

handbag charm and zipper pulls

These are all made from 100% leather and completely hand tooled.


Seymour is still here and wants to say 'hello' or meow.  As he gets older he spends more time playing like a kitten.  Not exactly what you expect from a 16 year old kitty.  He loves sharing food and getting a drink from his best friend's environment.  Yes, that's Jake the Goldfish and he is still here keeping Seymour company.

Seymour and Jake

seymour and jake

Creating As you all expect I've been busy making new items for the shop.  Here I am working on those fun and exciting Catnip Mouse Toys.  I never make any two alike and they seem to take on their own personalities when I'm finished. 

Patti making mice

patti making mice

Here at the Boutique

There is no snow here in Upstate New York.  We are all a bit depressed about it.  We here at ADKArtsBoutique are snow people.  But we are enjoying watching the squirrels Marvin and Marble play in the yard out the window.   This is Marble enjoying a Peanut Butter Cookie.

marble with a cookie

So please wish for us some snow.  It gives me a great reason to stay indoors and create beautiful and fun items.  

Thank you for checking out this and stop by our shop anytime.  Drop me a line with any questions I would love to hear from you.